Protests can be made at any time.

Protests may not be made anonymously. The protester must contact the Super Lap team and the driver in question personally no more than three (3) days apart. If the Super Lap team isn’t made aware of a protest then it is null and void.

A dyno fee of $80 must be paid for Super Lap dynos. In a protest situation the fee is to be split between the protester ($40) and driver being protested ($40.)

Super Lap official dynos must be performed on a Mustang MD250-p. Dynos performed on other dynamometers at other locations will not be accepted for classing/protesting purposes. Our official Super Lap MD150-p is located at JFA Repair in El Paso, TX.

Once a protest is made that driver’s points, placing and records are pulled and deemed “under review.” The driver can continue to run in the Super Lap series under protest but will not receive any points for those events.

If the driver’s dyno results show that they are class legal then points, placing and records are reinstated.

If the driver’s dyno results show them to be mis-classed then the points, placing and records are nullified and the driver is bumped to the appropriate class with 0 points awarded for the protested event.

The driver also has the opportunity to make the necessary changes to their vehicle and attempt to re-dyno back into their previous class before the next event, however, the nullified points will not be returned.